Exploring the exchange between empathy and objectivity in imaging the human figure, Henry Wolff’s practice navigates the processes of relationship building and human connection. Their work contemplates the impact of social structures on the ongoing construction of identity, and through moving image, photography and performance, they position intuitive knowledge alongside gestural language as mechanisms for articulating; visibility, trust, vulnerability and support.

They performed at the Art Gallery of South Australia with Melbourne collective APHIDS for the 2020 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Monster Theatres; their work Sibling was identified as one of the 125 most exciting artworks from around the world by Aesthetica Art Magazine (UK) which resulted in the work being presented online with their Future Now symposium (2021) and published in their Future Now anthology (2021); They are fine print magazine’s second pause~play digital commission (2021) which led to the creation and presentation of the work CARE; Henry’s practice was profiled as an Australian artist to watch by Joanna Kitto in the Undiscovered issue of Art Collector (2021); and they exhibit works in galleries, public spaces and online across Australia and inter/nationally.

Henry is mentored by leading Australian artists Hoda Afshar and Eugenia Lim (2019-ongoing). Through this relationship they have developed and refined their practice, and engaged in projects with each mentor, including; Easy Riders with Eugenia Lim and APHIDS at MPavilion (2019) and Agonistes with Hoda Afshar for PHOTO2021.



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