Henry Wolff’s practice is concerned with images that articulate vulnerability in their participation with the world/s of their collaborators. Through moving image, photography, and performance they explore phenomenon of the betwixt, and what is held between gestural utterances. Transformation as a methodology, creates a dialogue within their work across action and documentation, enabling Wolff to draw out nuanced musings on queer agency and gender non-conformity.

Wolff exhibits in galleries, public spaces, and online across Australia and inter/nationally. They were commissioned by Photo Australia for PHOTO 2022, an international photographic biennial (VIC, AU); Have been the feature artist for the 2022 Gertrude Street Projection Festival (VIC, AU); They performed at the Art Gallery of South Australia with Melbourne collective APHIDS for the '2020 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Monster Theatres' (SA, AU); In 2020 their work ‘Sibling’ was identified as one of the top 125 works from around the world by Aesthetica Art Magazine (LDN, UK). They have been mentored by several leading Australian artists including: Hoda Afshar and Eugenia Lim (2019-2022); Amos Gebhardt and David Rosetzky (2021-2022).

Henry is mentored by leading Australian artists Hoda Afshar and Eugenia Lim (2019-ongoing). They are also mentored by Amos Gebhardt and David Rosetzky (2021-2022) through the support of the Centre for Projection Art (VIC).



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